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Tattoos in the US

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAPermanent body ink, the ancient form of modern tattoos, has lot more expressionism than it used to be. While some of the states in the US allow only adults to have tattoos, some other states allow minors to have tattoos with parental permission. There is no certain age bar for having a tattoo in the US. As for Fox news statistics as published in 2007, every single American out of five have at least one tattoo. The figure goes up to 13 percent in the country.Tattoos are a symbol of rebellion. The broadening interest of the people in the country has gone beyond the tattoos related hobbies to tattoo related TV shows. Far from being accepted in the country the trend has gone up by a huge margin.

Tattoo designs

dreamcatcher-tattooIn the Native American culture theirs is a famous tattoo design named dream catcher. It has no specific design. It has been through all walks of life of the Native American adults. It has hues, colors and designs. These symbolize uniqueness. Being designed with myriad patterns, these designs have gone far beyond the Americans to the world.Other types of tattoo designs include tribal designs, small, military, butterfly, wrist, Zodiac signs, tribal butterfly, Koi fish, Mexican, lower back, Aries, lettering tattoos, first names, flowers, dolphin, stars, pink ribbon, cross, eagle, scorpion, name, angel, sleeve, printable, dragonfly, kokopelli, cool, heart, Hena, Aztec, Celtic, cherry blossom, women, Japanese, panther, Capricon, Celtic tribal, hummingbird, Maori and many more.

Tattoo Artists

tattoo-artist-workingYour entire tattoo experience depends upon the type oftattoo artists you choose. An artist accompanies you from your motif of having a tattoo to the finishing touch. The most important aspect of a tattoo artist is that he or she should understand your motif pretty well. An artist needs professional skills of that level to understand that. The other aspect of the tattoo is the ambience. The atmosphere puts a lot of impact on the mind of the artist. An artist is also recognized from the atmosphere he or she creates for treating people with tattoo motif. It quite influences the kind of music the artist listens to. The lighting that the tattoo artist works with is also important. There’s a lot more ways in which a artist can improve the overall experience.

Tattoo Shops and Studios

tattoo-shop-interiorTattoo shops and studios in the United States are licensed. They give lifetime guarantee on all of your tattoos except the tattoos on waistline and ankle. They have a collection of tattoos for you. You can choose any design from the gallery. If have in your mind about the tattoo design, you can tell them to follow that. The modern tattoos art in the country has gone far and beyond that of the ancient techniques. All the shops and studios constantly update their tattoo gallery and tattoo techniques as per the demand of their customers. They realize the need of going beyond the contemporary designs to the updated designs. You can find the tattoo shops in corner of the country. You just need to pay a visit with the right motive; they will reflect it on you.

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